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About the project

The Pode-project looks at new ways of using metadata found in library catalogues, in particular ways of mashing the catalogue content with other “mashable” resources.

In addition, the project looks into the possibilities and challenges the web technologies provide in relation to today’s systems and practices.

We have used traditional protocols provided by the ILS vendors as well as converting and finetuning data for frbrization and in order to provide Linked library data.

Mainly the project looks into the possibilities and challenges the web technology provides in relation to todays systems and practices. The results from these investigations will be published in Norwegian on this blog as we go along. We will try to post the most interesting findings in English. Our english posts are tagged “english” :)

You can read about our results on our website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us pode[at]deichman.no – especially if you are working on related projects.

Our papers


The projected is initiated and funded by The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (ABM-utvikling), The Library Laboratory (Biblioteklaboratoriet) and Oslo Public Library (Deichmanske bibliotek).

The name

The Norwegian name “Pode” is taken from the world of botany and translates into English as graft:

graft1 (Oxford English dictionary)

• noun 1 a shoot from one plant inserted into a slit cut into another to form a new growth. 2 a piece of living bodily tissue that is transplanted surgically to replace diseased or damaged tissue. 3 an operation in which tissue is transplanted.

• verb 1 insert or transplant as a graft. 2 incorporate in or attach to something else, especially inappropriately.

— ORIGIN Old French grafe, from Greek graphion ‘writing implement’ (with reference to the tapered tip of the plant shoot).

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